Advisory board

Anne Bowser

Director of Innovation, Wilson Center

Anne is the Director of Innovation with the Science and Technology Innovation Program (STIP). Her work focuses on understanding and mobilising public participation in science, technology, and policy while helping the Wilson Center leverage technologically innovative programming to reach new audiences. As science and technology evolve, developing and maintaining opportunities for public participation is necessary to help drive progress and ensure equitable impact.  Anne’s work focuses on how innovative governance of scientific research and technology development can achieve these goals, ultimately maximizing social benefit while minimizing risk.  This perspective has led her to prioritize work on open innovation, particularly through citizen science, open data, including work on data governance, and, open technology development, like through processes like co-design and products like open-source hardware. 

Stijn Brouwer

Senior Researcher, KWR Watercycle Research Institute

Stijn is a specialist in the fields of water governance, citizen science, policy change, and strategic decision making. He has a multidisciplinary background, studied at the University of Pretoria (South Africa), Södertörn University (Sweden), the University of Amsterdam (NL), and at the VU University Amsterdam (NL), and holds a PhD in Policy Science, a MA in Social Sciences, and a MSc in Environment and Resource Management. 

Jessie Oliver

International Liaison, Australian Citizen Science Association

Jessie has a passion for increasing capacity of citizen science globally through locally relevant technology design. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in biology, and, as part of her current Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) PhD research, she is investigating how to design engaging citizen science technologies for species conservation using acoustic sensing. As a founder of the Australia Citizen Science Association (ACSA), she has also worked tirelessly with her colleagues to grow the organisation over the past years, and, as current ACSA International Liaison, she continues engaging with local, regional, national, and global stakeholders.

Iulia Puiu

WWF Romania

Iulia is a project manager at WWF Romania. She has experience in the management of Natura 2000 sites and in restoration projects along the Danube river (Romanian stretch). She focuses on the challenge of working with various types of stakeholders, to understand their interests and to determine them to accept the new ecosystems and to help them to benefit from the new ecosystems’ services. 

Taking into account that everything we are and have is based on nature, Iulia truly believe that it is critical to restore the world’s ecosystems in order to support our lives.  With or without us the Nature will survive.

Doug Wilson

Director of Scientific and Evidence Services, Environment Agency

Doug leads on scientific research, innovation for environmental monitoring, evaluating interventions and assessing the state of the environment. During major incidents he leads on providing scientific advice to Government. His role involves working closely with Research Councils and academia.

Before joining the Environment Agency in 1999 he worked in the water industry for Southern Water and Thames Water, planning and managing water resources. He is Chair of the UK Environmental Observation Framework (UKEOF), which draws together public sector monitoring activities across the UK. UKEOF has an active Citizen Science Working Group which has examined the role of citizens in gathering environmental data, the value they add, their motivation, and the wider benefits of engagement. Doug also chairs UKTAG which provides technical advice on implementation of the Water Framework Directive.

Doug has a PhD in river pollution incident modelling, with research interests in pollution dispersion, environmental water needs and the application of the precautionary principle in environmental management.  He is an Honorary Professor at Nottingham Trent University.  


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824711.


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